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There are two main reasons "Why your iPhone is not ringing."

Hello, guys welcome to my Blog and today we will discuss a tiny but headache iPhone users issue "Why my iPhone is not ringing." When someone tries to call you but your phone not ring and you missed your important call that makes your life Good or Bad. This problem is very easy you will fix the problem your self. First you need to confirm just doing calls and texts, switch on the side and full ringer volume that place side of your iPhone. If your iPhone won t ring then apply these steps below.

There are two main reasons "Why your iPhone is not ringing."

1: The first reason is you may enable "Do Not Disturb" mode in your Phone. That's why your iPhone not ring.

If your iPhone's IOS above 7.0 that is the best thing to off "Do Not Disturb" option swipe screen up from the bottom, and you see control center, Then tap on Moon icon that's it. Your Do Not disturb successfully off.
"Why my iPhone is not ringing?

How to check "Do Not Disturb" mode on below IOS 7.0?

You just go to "Settings" and scroll down and click turn off "Do Not Disturb" Option and then press the enable button to disable mode make sure It should be disabled. Now the first reason is complete.

"Why my iPhone is not ringing?

2: Your ringer button is off.
You see the button top of the volume button It should be "On." It is not "On" then your iPhone is on silent mode. If you "On" this button then your iPhone is the normal mode, and your iPhone is ready to ring..

"Why my iPhone is not ringing?

If your "iPhone 6 not ringing on incoming calls" properly then read this article carefully. 

Why your "iPhone 6 doesn t ring on phone calls?"
If you want to fix your issue "Why my iPhone 6 not ringing on incoming calls" then make sure you read this article carefully and not miss any single thing.
First thing is you just read "Why my iPhone is notringing" paragraph if your issue is solved then share this article and if your problem is not solve learned few more settings.
Another setting is just going to settings and sounds option make sure your vibration is off if the wave is on your phone not make any sounds.
You go any platform like "YouTube, Music, Ringtone etc and test the volume and hear any sounds else just button on the left side press the button.
If this issue is not solved and you're not getting any ringing. I would recommend you that you update your iPhone to the latest IOS version. If the problem keeps happening, then update new IOS version.

"Why my iPhone is not ringing?

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