If you have a mobile phone with limited internal storage or limited data pack, due to which you were unable to play the most popular games which are available on Play Store? Don’t worry there are some more best low MB games are available on Play Store which you can download and enjoy. From puzzle to the shooting game, I m sure that you will find something interesting in these games.

Let’s take a look at some Best Games which are under 25 MB 

1. Slither.io

This is the game in which you are in the form of a snake. You take control of terrain and also taking up the color plates which will help you to glow. Be aware that if your head touches with another player then you will get a blast and if the other players head touches with you then they will get a blast and after that, you can eat there meal.

The size of this game is very less and it will not take much space on your mobile phone.

2. Hoppenhelm

Gives kick off this rundown with a retro-style arcade a chance to diversion which places you responsible for Sir Hoppenhelm, an 8-bit knight who’s lost in the prisons of his château. The principal target of the diversion is to bounce and hack your way through hindrances in the prison and perceive how far you can get in a solitary go. Despite the fact that the diversion has a little bundle estimate, it offers unlimited long periods of ongoing interaction, with the trouble consistently increase as you advance. In addition, the diversion offers a wide range of unlockable characters and weapons that you can play with.

3. Sky

The keep going arcade title on this rundown, Sky, is a quick-paced perpetual sprinter of sorts in which you control various distinctive characters as they navigate an otherworldly way loaded up with huge amounts of obstructions. What makes the diversion not quite the same as a ton of unlimited sprinters is the green hovels on the way that cloning your character and expect you to control both the characters at the same time. The diversion has one of a kind vivified ways for various characters and 100 unique dimensions that will keep you occupied for quite a while.

4. Sneak Ops

Sneak Ops is another incredible arcade diversion in which your sole target is to guilefully move past rivals in a regularly changing guide to gather floppy circles that enable you to open distinctive characters. While the amusement may appear to be basic at first, the dimensions can get truly testing as you push ahead. On the off chance that you aren’t ready to sneak past the watchmen, at that point you can even thump them out to continue pushing ahead. The 8-bit designs guarantee that the diversion doesn’t occupy a lot of room on your gadget and give it an enchanting retro look which I truly like


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