There are some Mods for Android devices that you should use once. These mods increase the performance of Android devices and also add some cool new features in it. If we talk about the performance of Android devices then these devices work properly until the mobile phone is loads with many apps.

Android is the Platform where there is no need for improvement by default. But, when the user face that their phone becomes slow or starts lagging, for fixing the issue they do some modifications by themselves. Actually, Mods are some kinds of software which enhances the performance of the mobile phone. There are many Mod apps available on the Play Store. But, in this article, we are going to show 5 best Mods for your Android Device.

1. Cornerfly app

This app does some modifications on the display of your mobile phone and it makes the screen slightly round from the edges. Must try this free app on your phone and get the amazing display.

2. Screen Filter App

You might not want to give anybody a chance to see your screen while you are doing some private activity on your Android gadget. You can’t really prevent the general population from indicating your screen yet you can without much of a stretch avert your screen lights from contacting them. Screen Filter App applies such channel to the Android screen, for example, no one could take a gander at the screen content from any point however you would see your gadget content effectively!

3. Viper4Mod

Viper4Mod is an astounding mod for a sound upgrade. You could state that on the off chance that it is utilized on any gadget, it would effectively change over that gadget into an incredible music gadget. A definitive upgrade that you could accomplish in the sound quality must be done just through this application. Such a significant number of changes and highlights are there inside this application that you could never end making all new sound quality and tone on your gadget!

3. Audio visualizers

Sound visualizers are an extraordinary amusing to add some moving energy to the gadget.  This could be accomplished through the MUNIZ Nav Bar Audio Visualizer application. You can utilize it to include from different sorts of visualizers and even make up your very own custom one.

4. Dumpster

Most of the time you might think that the Android Phone also has the recycle bin like Windows and Mac. But, it does not come with an Android phone. But, there is one app name as Dumpster after installing this app on your phone, whenever you delete any photo or video it will go first to this app. After, that if you want to delete it permanently you can delete it from this app.

5. Floatify lock screen

This app adds the feature of Android O. By which you can reply to text messages on the Lock Screen and it makes the background of wallpaper little blurry. It also turns the screen ON quickly when you pick up the mobile phone.


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