As we all use the Internet on our mobile phone. So, there are many apps available on the Internet which will find how much speed does your WiFi is giving. With the help of these apps, you will know that your ISP is cheating on you with low Internet Speed.

There are millions or billions of people are using the Internet on there Phone and it is not wrong to tell that. The day is not away that one day the mobile phone will replace the use of Computers. Because most of the essential task we are able to complete with the help of our mobile phone only.

So, let’s take a look at some 5 Best WifFi Speed Testing Apps For Android

1. FAST Speed Test

The fast Speed test is one of the best and famous app when it comes to Test Internet Speed. This app can test the speed of both, Data Speed and WiFi speed. This app was developed by Netflix and it is surely the best app. The Interface of this app is very simple and it only shows the Download Speed.

2. Speedtest

Indeed, Speedtest is one of the main and prominent web speed test application accessible on the Google Play Store. You will have a hard time believing, yet a large number of clients right currently utilize the application, and it can enable you to find your download, transfer speed, and ping. That, yet Speedtest likewise demonstrates ongoing illustrations of web speed consistency. Along these lines, Speedtest is the best web speed test applications for Android 2019.

3. Meteor

Meteor is another best web speed test Android application on the rundown which can test web speed per-application premise. That implies, with Meteor you can check how applications perform with the present speed. It performs few tests like gushing video, downloading documents, transferring records, and so on to give you a point by point knowledge on your present WiFi web speed. Along these lines, Meteor is certainly the best application that you can use to test WiFi speed.


If you want to check both Download speed and Upload Speed with latency then this app is for you. SPEEDCHECK allows the user to schedule the automatic checks which will monitor the connections over time. Not only this much, you can also check the past internet speed from SPEEDCHECK.

5. Internet Speed Meter Lite

Indeed, Internet Speed Meter Lite is another one of a kind Android application on the rundown which shows the web speed. The incredible thing about Internet Speed Meter Lite is that it demonstrates the web speed progressively directly on the status bar. That, however, Internet Speed Meter Lite additionally encourages clients to screen day by day traffic use. In this way, Internet Speed Meter Lite is another best WiFi speed test applications that can be utilized on Android cell phone.

Final Words

So, Guys, these are some best WiFi or Data Speed checking apps. Most of the apps check both the Download Speed and also the Upload speed. Just take a look at the article properly and choose the best app for you.


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