We are growing very fastly in the technology world. We sometime can’t expect what kind of technology we will get in the future and what type of devices we are going to use. But, Google has filed a patent a month ago which will tells somethings about future tech. In this article, we are going to talk about 5 Amazing Google Patent which may become in the future.

List of 5 Amazing Google Patent

1.Teddy Bear

This teddy bear is not a simple one. This is a high-tech teddy bear which looks cute and very soft, but it has a camera, a microphone, and a speaker in it. With the help of this teddy bear, the kids not only play with it. But, parents also monitor their kids and talk with them with the help of teddy’s speaker. No matter where are the parents, where ever they are they can monitor their children.

2. Solar Powered Contact Lens

This is the contact lens about which Google has filed a patent a long time ago. It will help you to find the level of blood and diabetes, and it also measures body temperature. It only uses the light around you for charging. So, you do not need to charge it.

3. Comic Strip Chatting

This system will change the way you chat with the peoples on the phone. Just put the chat of someone and this will convert the chat into “Comic Strip”. The interesting this about it is, this involves Artificial Intelligence and makes the expression of the chat conversation what you said and what you replied. You can store that strip or share it will the friend it’s your choice.

4. AR Glasses

These are nearly a similar like Google Glass yet are tremendously cutting-edge in usefulness. In Google Glass, you have a camera and show. Yet, here in AR Glass camera is so much incredible that not just it’ll anticipate the presentation on your hand. Yet additionally what you do with that close by presentation will be recognized by that camera. This incorporates both info and yield. Google additionally holds this sort of marvelous patent.

5. Sweaty Waft Perfume

This fascinating recorded patent is Body Spray. Which you use on your body and it has a Fan, which would toss aroma out of your body. For instance, on the off chance that you are with a gathering of individuals and you’re a bit sweat-soaked also, it would realize that you’re around a couple of individuals and will toss aroma around.

6. Stick With Glue A Pedestrian

The next patent that we have on our list is quite interesting which is related to safety. The idea came for the self-driving car. If any person gets hit by the self-driving car he or she will not be thrown away with pressure. They will get stick with the car with the help of Adhesive System of the self-driving car. Because of this feature, the person will not get more injuries when the car hit. This patent was filed by Google a long time ago.


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