So, the Avenger Endgame is going to release after much time. But, we all use the Internet and most of the peoples do the Spoiler of Movies. But, after reading this article you can avoid to the Spoilers of Avenger Endgame.

The easy way is just Block the Avengers: Endgame spoilers online, for blocking you can use extensions. I recommend you to use “Spoiler Protection 2.0” extension which is available for both the Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Just Install the extension on your browser and then click on the icon. Here you have to add some keywords which you want to block from your browser. Like, “Avengers”, “Spiderman”, “Iron Man”, “Thanos”, “Endgame”, etc.

Now, after entering the keywords your Browser will block it from the Internet and will not show you anything related to it until you turn it OFF.

Avoid Avengers: Endgame Spoilers on Twitter

If you do not use many things on Internet or spend most of the time on Twitter then you can use the Twitter’s built-in feature of “Mute” which will mute the content which you want. If you Mute the content by “Avengers: Endgame” then you will not see any post related to it on Twitter.

Follow the below steps to know how to mute it.

  • Go to Twitter and after that click on your Profile from the Top-right corner.
  • Now go to Settings & Privacy.
  • Now, click on the “Muted Words” option which you will get in the sidebar and then click on the Add button

  • Now, type the keyword here which you want to mute and then click on the Add button.

Twitter will allow you to mute the one keyword at the one time. If you want to mute more keywords then you have to follow the same process again and again. But, this will avoid you from the big spoiler because many peoples are waiting for Endgame from many days.

Avoid Avengers: Endgame Spoilers on Mobile

The Chrome and Firefox expansion I referenced above works okay, however, consider the possibility that you’re perusing on Mobile. What at that point? Indeed, luckily, we have an answer for that too.

  • Download the Spoilers Blocker application from the Play Store (iOS clients can download the Spoilers Block application).

  • Dispatch the application, and give it the required authorizations. When you’re set, tap on “Blockers.”

  • Presently, tap on the in addition to symbol in the base right corner, enter a Spoiler name (anything will work), and after that add the catchphrases you need to square.
  • When done, tap on ‘Spare’. Presently tap on ‘Applications shielded from spoilers’ and select the applications where you need to square spoilers (I’d prescribe Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Feedly, and comparable applications).

Now, whenever you enter an app you will get the alert of Avenger Endgame and after that alert, you can back.

Avoid Soilers

The Avenger: Endgame is not a movie so you do not want to spoil it. I suggest you use the Google or Firefox with block extension or the Spoilers Blocker app which will protect you from spoilers.


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