At least once in the Internet life, we all have face the Crash of Google Chrome. Most of the time this happens that we are using an Internet and reading an interesting article or doing some important work and have opened too many tabs. But, due to any bug the Chrome Browser automatically crashes and we lose out work.

So, in this article, we are going to discuss some methods which will help you to get back the Tabs which got crashed. Because due to automatic tabs shutdown we losses our much work and it becomes difficult to find it again on the Internet.

How to Restore Chrome Tabs After Crashing

Let’s see the methods and you can follow them to get your Tabs back.

Method 1: Using Shortcut Keys

This is one of the best and easiest method to get the closed tabs back. You have to use some key shortcuts to get back the tabs. This method only works if you accidentally closed the tabs. If your computer gets restart then it won’t work.

On Windows, Just Open the Chrome Browser first and after that press, these keys together CTRL + SHIFT + T and they will open the last tab which is open in Google Chrome. If you are a Mac user then press these keys, CMD + SHIFT + T.

Method 2: Use Chrome Extension Lock it

There is an extension available in Web store which will help you to rid of the crash lossing tabs. This Extension locks the website and will give the prompt before using it. So, it is the best extension which will help the user who faces this issue on there Chrome Browser.

‘Lock it’ Extension is available for many other browsers also. You can search for it if you are are other browser user.


Method 3: Using TabCloud

TabCloud is one of the helpful Google Chrome expansion accessible on the Chrome web store. The extraordinary thing about TabCloud is that it can spare and reestablish window sessions after some time and adjust over numerous gadgets. That implies the chrome sessions can be re-established on another PC. In this way, if your Chrome has recently slammed, it naturally will have the spared rendition of the past perusing session. Thus, TabCloud is another best expansion that can be utilized to reestablish chrome tabs after an accident.

Method 4: Permanent Fix

Google Chrome gives clients an alternative in which it reestablishes the last session. Be that as it may, this element doesn’t bring back the shut tabs. In this way, in the event that you are unfit to reestablish lost tabs because of Chrome Crash, at that point you have to refresh your internet browser. In the event that you are as of now utilizing the most recent rendition of Google Chrome, at that point, you can attempt to reinstall it.

The Lock-it Chrome expansion will presumably stop the incidental shutting since it will provoke you each time you attempt to close any tab.

That’s it you have done and now You will not face any crashing problem of tabs again.


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