You might have the fear of giving your mobile phone to any kids. Yes, it is good, because there are chances that the kid can do some unauthorized activity on your phone. Because they do not know much about the mobile phone.

You might know the features of a smartphone very well and we also know that for using smartphone properly you must need skill and knowledge about it first otherwise there are chances that it gets damaged. If your phone is on any kid hand then he might delete some essential files because they do not know the importance of Data.

But, don’t worry if you are an Android Phone user then you have to follow some steps to make safe your phone from kids.

Method 1: Create Different User Profile for Children

Android devices have the feature of making multiple profiles with restricted mode. If you any kid then make a restricted profile and then give to him. Follow the steps to make a profile.

Step 1: Go to Settings of your mobile phone and then click on Users option.

Step 2: Now, here you will see the option of Add user or profile click on it and then add the user of your choice “Regular or Restricted”.

Now, you are in the Application and content restrictions screen where you will get the access of very few things only.

Method 2: Block In-App Purchase

While investigating your android children may get into the play store and can inadvertently make the application buys which can cost you parts, so better is to confine the in-application buys in your android before you are going to give your gadget to your children.

For this in your Play store you have to explore to Settings – > User Controls and there limit the media based confinement as indicated by the client evaluations and you can likewise hinder the application buys there as well.

Method 3: Turn Unknown Source Off

Children can coincidentally permit the establishment of certain bloatware and crapware applications in your android from the outsider destinations, so better is to turn them off to keep away from the danger of your android being defenseless against different security dangers.

Go to, Settings-> Security -> Untick Unknown Sources.

Method 4: Use Toddler Lock App

Youngster lock with brilliant designs and relieving sounds to keep your children engaged without agonizing over them making calls or beginning different applications. Encourage your tyke shapes and hues. Alternatively empowers off-line mode while the application is dynamic, to not illuminate your small sweetheart.

Method 5: Lock Apps With Security Apps

Many apps are available in Google Play Store which gives security to mobile Apps. One of the best app which I should recommend you because I also use it and that app has good reviews also on Play Store is, App Lock Download this app on your phone and secure the apps which you don’t want to allow anyone to use it.

Final Words

So, these are some methods that you can use to make your Android phone safe from Kids


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