WhatsApp is one of the most famous messaging app around the world everyone is using it. From the feature of Making Voice Call or Video Call. From Updating Display Picture to Updating Status. It also has the feature of Blocking Contacts. We can block to some irritating contacts and WhatsApp does not notify the blocked user that he is blocked.

But there are some few indications that you may know that you are blocked and we will also show you How you can unblock yourself.

Indications that you are blocked by someone

  • You will unable to see the Last seen and Online Status of the user.
  • The DP of blocker will not show to you.
  • You cannot make the Video or Voice call with that user.
  • If you send message to that person it will show one grey tick-mark only.

You can also check it from another WhatsApp account by checking his account on WhatsApp. If on another account his DP is showing and on your personal account it is not then it is confirmed that you are blocked…

So, these are some indications. If you find these all indications then it means you are blocked by that user.

How to Unblock Yourself

  • Create a group with WhatsApp using another number and add to the user who blocked you.
  • An alternative method is, just tell your trusted friend to make a group with that person and add you also. Now, when you message on that group the blocked user will also able to see and reply to it.

If you think that the above tricks won’t work for you then follow the below steps:-

  • Go to WhatsApp Settings of your Account.
  • Now, Go to Account Option and then click on the¬†Delete My Account¬†option.
  • Now, Uninstall your WhatsApp from your phone and after that just Restart your mobile phone.
  • After Restarting it, go to Play Store and Install WhatsApp.
  • Now, make the account with your number. Do general things like putting the phone number, name, OTP, etc.

Note:- Don’t try to restore any backups otherwise this trick won’t work.

  • That’s it your phone number is now unblocked from the blocked user and now you can start the conversation with your friend and fix the issue why they blocked you.

How This Trick Works?

When you Delete your Account from WhatsApp and after re-install, the whole process of messaging starts again and you become a new user on it. The only disadvantage of this trick is that you have to request to the Group Admins on which you are added before and you’re all the chats are deleted. But, I think if the person who blocked you for any reason is important to you then you can try this trick because it feels bad when the person to whom we love blocks us.

Take the life easy and use the above methods and all the best to talk with that person. I hope this article is helpful to you and you enjoyed it.


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