We all know what is Google Chrome and we all have used it once in our lifetime internet history. Google Chrome is one of the most important and valuable product on the market. Everyone from beginners to Advanced everyone uses it because Chrome has something special for everyone. Chrome also has some hidden features in it which we are going to reveal in this article.

We are going to share some Chome Internal URLs which will allow you to access the hidden feature of Chrome.

List of Chrome URLs

The below image is showing the list of hidden URLs you can access them. But, in this article we are not going to discuss each URL we will take a look at some interesting and useful URLs.

1. chrome://about

It’s the focal vault of all the inner URLs kept up by Chrome. We will cover every one of the URLs referenced in this rundown. On the off chance that you forget about URLs, you can generally open chrome://going to discover every one of the connections at one spot.

2. chrome://appcache-internals

It demonstrates the rundown of web applications which have put away reserve in Chrome. On my PC, Telegram and couple of different applications have put away 7MB of the store. Essentially, you can likewise discover the applicable web applications which have occupied the room.

3. chrome://apps

In this URL your chrome apps will be listed which are pre-installed like YouTube, Google Docs, etc. on your Chrome. If you install any new app in it then it will also show on this URL. You can save this tab as a bookmark for accessing it quickly.

4. chrome://accessibility

It shows data about openness settings, regardless of whether it’s empowered or not for every single open tab. Openness settings let physically weakened clients get to content on the web. At present, the availability settings are killed internationally. Be that as it may, when this element goes live, it will altogether support physically tested clients.

5. chrome://components

It shows all the Chrome Components which are required by Chrome to work legitimately. For instance, Widevine accessibility, Adobe Flash Player support, Chrome Recovery, and so on. You can become familiar with Chrome Components and their utilization in detail by making a beeline for the connected article.

6. chrome://bluetooth-internals

It shows the information related to the Bluetooth devices which are connected to your computer. It displays all the information related to Bluetooth.

7. chrome://bookmarks

It opens every one of the bookmarks saved money on Chrome. While you can get to bookmarks through the customary route by tapping the 3-spot menu, this enables you to open the bookmarks directly from the location bar and its sort of cool.

8. chrome://conflicts

It catches clashes among Chrome and PC and keeps up a log for further investigation. Clashes happen for a wide range of issues. State, there is a period contrast among framework and Chrome or there is variety in TCP/IP convention demand, etc.

9. chrome://credits

This is the list which shows you the peoples list who have worked with Google on the project of creating Google Chrome


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